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KDJ-PLUS composes music by making a number of PATTERNS that equate to groupings of music data
and placing them in the time line.
* To know how to make patterns, refer to "Making Patterns"

The PATTERN that was made as a part of a melody will be placed in the time line and the composing is done.
Melody Pattern


The grouping of tone, volume and phrase is called a TRACK.
There are two types of TRACKs in the KDJ-PLUS; the Synthesizer TRACK and the Drum TRACK.

* The melody data is recorded in the Synthesizer TRACK,
while rhythm data is recorded in the Drum TRACK.

* Any TRACK can be added freely to music files.

How to see the data

The tune data created as a PATTERN will be shown like in the picture below.

* The PATTERN will hold phrase data from several TRACKs.
* The music will be played from top to bottom.
* The line is the length of 16 note.