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The name and function of the screen


Switch the editing mode
Switch between PATTERN mode and VOICE mode.
You can write a comment about your room or set rules for your room.([F1] and [F2] to switch the mode)
Song Panel
Settings for tempo and volume, which are important aspects of creating music.
Panel to select and set the PATTERN. Setting for recording is included as well.
Command Panel
Panel for editing and file control.
Panel for selecting, adding, deleting and setting the TRACK.
Edit Panel
If the editing mode is in PATTERN mode, the PATTERN editing screen will be indicated and the PATTERN for the phrase will be editable.
Time Line Panel
The panel to select, add, and delete a sequence within the song.
Player Panel
The stop and play controls for the music as well as playback settings. ([F5] toggles between stop and play.)
Key Board Panel
The panel used to play and record the sound.
VOICE Panel, Drum Set Panel
When editing in VOICE mode, the edit screen for the sound is indicated.