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Summary of KDJ-PLUS

What's KDJ?
By placing the furniture «KDJ-PLUS» in your My Room, you can edit and create music.
«KDJ-PLUS» is a genuine music creating tool that allows users to create and share their music.
The special features of «KDJ-PLUS»

* It carries the "KDJ Sound Generator", a software sound generator that unites chiptune and Synthesizer.

* It has a PATTERN type sequencer that is most suited for creating game music.

* By using the powerful sound generator and sequencer tools, you can make virtually any type of music.

* It can be used to easily edit music by copy and pasting various data components from phrases, patterns, tones, or even other songs.

* You can share your song files (saved as .gam files) in GetAmped2 and use them as a BGM.