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Here, we will talk about the places in "Wingdom", the stage of GetAmped2.
You will need to clear some kind of requirement for some places to appear.


The first place that you visit. "Master Saga" will train you here.
Train your skills and prepare for the tournament!

General's Office

General "Daigokuin Raizo" awaits strong players at his office.
He might give you a reward when you are promoted to a higher rank.

GAT Stadium

The place where GAT fighters gather.
If you want to play the tournament mode, come here to find an opponent.

Mega Force HQ

This is the Headquarters of Mega Force.
You can play the Guardian Mode to solve problems Wingdom is facing as a member of Mega Force.

Downtown / Great Avyon / Prime Market

Places where Street Fight is held.
You can join or leave the battle at anytime you want.

Spin Square

Central Meeting Place.
If you are searching for a friend, or if you want to talk with some important NPCs, this is the place where you go.

Future Lab

The laboratory of Dr. Diaper where you can upgrade your Accessories.
If you have an Accessory you want to upgrade, go ask him.