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user interface

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Character Setting

Here, we will talk about the character settings screen.

Player Equipment
Player Equipment Screen
Experience Gauge
The experience level of the style currently being used will be shown.
Status Gauge
The status of the equipment that is used is shown.
Equipment Menu
Every item that can be equipped can be changed from here.
Slot Button
You can save your character settings in each slot.
Character Information Tablet
You can switch tabs to see other information.
Close Button
Closes the character information window.
Game Score
Game Score Screen
Total Score
The total score that you have earned will be shown.
Current Rank
Your current rank will be shown.
Until Next Rank
The score required to advance to the next rank is shown.
This Week's Score (Points, Ranking)
Points and Ranking for each subject can be viewed.
Challenging Quest
The quest you are currently challenging will be shown.
Game Record
A window showing your game record will open.
Game Record
Styles you own are shown.
Experience level for each style is shown.
03:Experience Level
Amount of experience each style obtained is shown.
04:Record for each style
Total game record for each style is shown.
05:Record for each game mode
Total game record for each game mode is shown.
Wanted List
Wanted List
Wanted List Level
Level of the wanted list is shown.
A list with a higher level can be obtained by arresting more wanted criminals.
Arrested Wanted Criminal
The wanted criminals you arrested will be shown on the list.
Still Wanted Criminal
The wanted criminals that you have not arrested yet will be shown as question mark.
Number of Arrests
How many wanted criminals from the list you have arrested will be shown.
Chat Setting
Chat Setting
Chat Shortcut
Short phrases can be registered to function keys from F1 to F8.
Emotion Setting
Emotes can be registered for each shortcut with phrases.
Setting a simple greeting and reply should smoothen your communication.
The comment written here will be shown in your profile.
Your Item
Your Item
Your Item
Items you currently carry can be viewed by clicking on each category.
Your Money W (Win)
The amount of WIN (Game Money) you currently have is shown.
Your Money C (Crescent)
The amount of Crescent (Purchased Currency) you currently have is shown.
Lucky Coin
The number of Lucky Coins you currently have is shown.
What are Lucky Coins?

By collecting a certain amount, you will be able to go to the Mora Shrine to challenge a Bingo Game using Lucky Coins!
You can get them by purchasing certain items in Prime Market or earn them as a reward for a rank up.